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5 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Betsy MacMichael

    I love your paintings and am inspired by them very much. I like the charcoal drawings as well, and the cut glass. It would be fin to be able to comment specifically on different ones, yet I also enjoy the “slide show” quality- moving from one to another. The light in different tones on different paintings is great! Beautiful website. Betsy

  2. Susan Peacock

    I am another Susan Peacock, also an artist, of cross stitch crafts. I love your work. It is so vibrant and full of color. You have achieved Peacock status!!!

  3. Gayle Branson

    You go girl!! Thanks for bringing beauty to all that walk into your life!! Gayle

  4. Carolyn Cook

    Susan, you already know I’m a fan of your work. I love the ballerina, so beautiful. I absolutely love your cut glass pieces. I’m so glad to own one. Hurry and open a small gallery where everything you do can be seen by all.


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