Drawing Gallery

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Mosaic & Gourd Gallery

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA g4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA my gourds red road platter the sea is alive red

Painting Gallery

aspidistra fiesta small filebamboo mountainlily hi res 16X22hawaii 2playgroundEn Route card size hi resCanyon (2)rimghost dancer wings 12 by 15 blk borghost dancer sorrow 12 by 9nhalfGhost D W 15x18 Canvas FLATsaints n sinners 3Still Enjoying the Ride 2012Epiphanywinter wave hi resvolcano Where Are Wesunset lk b Shangri La saints n sinners 4 saints n sinners 2 saints n sinners 1 night vision hi res MOTHER morning light 1 hi res mermaids marble 1 heart of stone garua Gift goldfish games front dive c a twist figure woman blowin smoke Alternate Currents 66020009 66020010 66020013 Aloralandscape palmGay's waterfall